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A Serious Need For More Smiles

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During my time in the FIFO construction industry, I witnessed first-hand the impact that working away can have on the mental health of workers and their families.

The strain can become so difficult for some, they even take their own life. In fact, 190 people in construction die by suicide in Australia each year.
These numbers alarmed me, and I too, have been through my own journey of anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts.

I wanted to give back to help support people living with or impacted by anxiety, depression or suicide, so I designed the WakeMe app to help FIFO workers, and other Australians just like you, stay connected to your friends and family and boost your mental well-being, by starting each day with a smile.

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Did you know that smiling is infectious?

Scientists have found that not only is smiling infectious, it helps lower the bodies response to stress, decrease depression and anxiety, boost the immune system and help reduce blood pressure and pain.How will you use WakeMe to share your smile?


  • Simple and easy to use app with recording button on the home page.
  • Record an alarm, take your picture, and send it to your friends and family in just a few minutes.
  • Create your own alarms or reminders to keep you motivated, happy and inspired.
  • Save your favourite alarms, so you can use them again and again.
  • Beautiful interface.


At WakeMe, we want to give back to people living with or impacted by mental health issues like anxiety, depression and suicide.
We proudly donate from every single download to one of the following charities:

DIIG Wellbeing

Creative ways to smile

WakeMe is so much more than a wakeup alarm.

You can use it to help you smile throughout your busy day, too.

Check out these ideas to get you started: -

  • Use it as a motivational alarm to get through a challenge in your life.
  • Remind your friends its happy hour down the local.
  • Use it for a reminder throughout the day..
  • Remind colleagues of scheduled meetings or after work functions.
  • Give your clients some extra motivation for their next PT session.
  • Keep going throughout your day with a little kind note for yourself.
  • Send a little message to a loved one who is far away.

With WakeMe, the possibilities for smiling are endless鈥

Challenges created to go beyond starting the day with a smile

Challenge yourself and your loved ones to do something out of the ordinary today. You could challenge someone to buy a coffee for a stranger, offer to pay for an elderly person鈥檚 groceries at the supermarket, or even challenge them to do something a little crazy such as skydiving, or face a fear they鈥檝e been avoiding, whilst offering to support them. This challenge is about being spontaneous and maintaining your smile, not just in the morning, but throughout the day. Once complete, ask them to send you an image and challenge you back through an alarm. Tag #wakemechallenge on social media 鈥 We鈥檇 love to see!

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Stepping away from the screen challenge Whilst we have created an App, here at WakeMe, we understand that many mental health struggles are attributed to increased screen time and the use of social media. This is why we鈥檙e also challenging our WakeMe users to set an alarm for two hours or more whenever you find yourself wasting time on your phone. Until that alarm plays you have to use that time to do something fun or spend it with someone special without any screen time.

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WakeMe is available to download on all devices

Please join us! A simple one off payment of $1.49 on iOS and $1.99 on Android for unlimited use with your 20c per purchase donated to chosen mental health foundation

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